Focus on the Positives

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Relationship-FriendsHaving a positive quality of life is directly related to the strength of relationships. You can develop a pattern of optimism when you let go of trying to control the way others think and feel and focus on the good that already exists in them and in your relationships.

When a relationship is distressing, don't look at it as if the other person has something to change. Rather, try modifying your own behaviors. Think about a relationship you have. Do you commonly think about the other person's faults? Do you often notice the things about them that annoy you?  When you find yourself going down the road of negativity, turn around and try to focus on their favorable qualities instead.

Try this. Think about someone and write down the things you like or admire about them. Remember the reasons you began your relationship in the first place. Think of this list when you feel yourself slipping into negativity about that person.

Shifting your thoughts in this way will train your mind over time to recognize affirmative attributes in your relationships. You will find your relationships improving when you set your sights to a more cherry outlook.

The way you react to others is indicative to the kind of relationships you will have. When you are optimistic, your relationships will be fulfilling and positive, and so will your life.

Source: Sonia Devine is a qualified professional hypnotherapist and success coach with a caring and committed approach to healing, who lives in Melbourne, Australia. You can find more of her information on attracting wealth, self image, love, relationships, phobias and much more on her website Manifest Your Success. Photo credit: taliesin

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