The Art of Alone Time

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Instead of waiting for someone else to make you feel fulfilled or settling for a relationship out of desperation just so you're not alone, make a date with yourself, and follow these seven tips to developing a better relationship with yourself.

Learn about yourself Uncover your strengths and your weaknesses, and embrace who you truly are. Through coaching, therapy, or good old fashioned journaling, discover your joys, passions, and areas on which you'd like to work–then turn realization into action!

Depend on yourself In order to build self-esteem and confidence in your own abilities, make a conscious choice to take care of yourself. This applies to many areas of life including financial, emotional, health and wellness, and even household chores. Challenge yourself to be self-sufficient.

Live deliberately When you go through your day completing tasks because you have to, days are completed by default, not deliberation. Turn off autopilot and gear your actions and emotions toward your goals. Imagine what you'd like to happen in your life, and make choices that get you closer to achievement.

Control fear When you take control of your fears, they can't control you. Figure out what it is that you're afraid of in life, and determine why you're afraid. Are these fears real or imagined? What in your life is limited by your fears? Build yourself up by countering these limiting factors with confidence and self-assurance.

Become your own best friend Instead of waiting around for someone to make your dreams come true, do it yourself. What are the qualities you seek in an ideal mate? Take steps to develop the qualities on that list you do not currently have.

Strengthen your support system Sleep. Exercise. Eat well. Relax. Enjoy. When you neglect your most basic physical needs, it's harder to focus on developing a stronger and healthier mental state.

In everything you do, love Close the gap between what you do and what you love. Do work that you love, develop hobbies that make you happy, make friends who are supportive, give back to your community. The more often you feel happy, the more you can exude a confident, better you.

Source: Lauren Mackler Photo: Silva Parreira

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