Babies of the Cloth: Ditch Unholy Disposables

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Set aside that Diaper Genie and try something our mothers can remember–cloth diapers. As alternative to disposables, these reusable and environmentally conscious diapers save space in your dumpster and in the landfills.

gDiapers With a cotton outer pant and plastic-free, flushable liner, gDiapers are chlorine-free. Used inserts can be removed from the outer pant and flushed down the toilet like regular toilet paper.

Kushies Flushable Biodegradable Diaper Liners Similar to gDiapers, these diaper liners are safe to flush. Liners are placed inside a cloth diaper and discarded after use.

Mother Nature Diapers Try these TBT-free diapers that are made without using latex or the chemical fibers polypropylene or polyester. An added bonus for purchasers is for every four-bag case purchased, the company will plant a tree in your baby's name.

Nature babycare ECO-diapers Made from corn and FSC-certified and chlorine-free tree pulp. Each diaper is 60 percent biodegradable. The corn-based products are GMO-free, and packaging is compostable.

Seventh Generation Chlorine-Free Baby Diapers Made without chlorine, fragrance, or latex, these diapers are perfect for hypoallergenic-conscious parents. Contents of the diapers are wood pulp, SAP, and polyelefin non-woven fabric.

TenderCare Diapers U.S. company Tushies makes TenderCare Diapers from SAP instead of cotton. The product is made from sustainably grown wood pulp and does not use chlorine, perfume, latex, TBT, and they are GMO free.

Source: GreenYour Photo: Tanya Parker

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