What Makes West Michigan Dads So Special

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Dads come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life. Being "Dad" isn't just about who helped bring you into this world; it's about the men in our life who mean the most to us, who cared for us, who helped guide us. We may be all about West Michigan women, but we love our men, too—especially dads.

 That's why we asked West Michigan Woman readers, "What do you appreciate about the dads in your life?"

Jill: I appreciate my husband attending all of my boys' sporting events and I appreciate my dad for bringing me a supply of 2 Buck Chuck (wine from Trader Joes) every time he visits!

Monica: I'm so very fortunate in the Dad department! I have a very sweet, loving dad as well as a wonderful stepdad who has been in my life since I was 6! My husband is also a "Top Notch" father and grandfather! See ... perfectly blessed in the "Dad" department!!

Teri: I appreciate my dad's courage to be himself. The way he dresses, the music he listens to and how he expresses love sends a message that he is not concerned about what people think and that he is comfortable with who he is! That is important when raising girls who go through stages of self-doubt and insecurity.

Amy: I appreciate that my dad has always been DAD, no matter how old I am. I couldn't have asked for someone kinder, more caring, and more willing to lend support—to anyone who needs it. He's a good dad and a good man. We are blessed.

Valarie: My husband was a stay-at-home Dad for the first 16 months of our little girls' life. All three of his girls, and me, own his heart. Without his love and support I wouldn't be able to work full time, and go to school full time, and all of his girls wouldn't have the confidence and self esteem that having a supportive Dad gives you.

Jessica: The fact that they are always there with a listening ear.

Nichole: My husband's support helps me achieve my goals and our family's goals.

Candy: My husband is the greatest husband, dad, papa. His heart is huge and he's one of the kindest people I have ever known in my life.

Jordan: How much he adores us!

Denise: When he is willing to jump in and help out as soon as he gets home.

Christine: My dad has been the greatest gift and when he had to become my mom too a few years ago he has strengthened a bond that will never end. I may be in my 40s but I still need my Daddy to help pick me up sometimes. He now has learned to tell me my butt looks too big in those pants and nope that outfit is not very flattering. LOL. He is truly the best.

Yvette: They work hard to provide for their family.

Libby: We always hear about working moms—I am proud to be one. But what about the working dads who juggle baseball practices and games, homework, piano lessons and orthodontic appointments along with a full-time job? My husband is my teammate and helpmate. He has my heartfelt gratitude for being an incredible role model for our kids!

Penelope: Dad is the safety net for his kids!

Rachel: His unconditional love!

Thank you for sharing your dads and husbands with us!

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