Experience Grand Rapids Puts Twist on Personalized Planning Website

Engage with the West Michigan Woman Community!

Experience Grand Rapids, the official destination marketing organization for Kent County, invited the hospitality community, business and political leaders, and its Certified Tourism Ambassadors (CTA) to a kick-off event for a new personalized planning website. The new site will be complimentary to the official destination website ExperienceGR.com. The content for the new site will help in the way Web users get to discover things in the destination. Experience Grand Rapids is inviting CTAs to contribute to the site as a way of continuing to enhance it. The private, interactive event will encourage participants to discover their persona.

The $1.175 billion tourism industry has a substantial impact on the community, from boosting local business with increased visitor traffic to creating a wide variety of new jobs. To maintain the momentum Experience Grand Rapids has established in recent years, it’s vital that it continues fueling the economic engine in new and innovative ways.

Stay tuned for more details!

Source: Maggie Kennedy, Wonder Gem


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