Shopping Sustainably Through Vintage Goods

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Ninth annual Farmgirl Flea Market's Spring Market is the perfect weekend activity to shop sustainably.

Fast-fashion. We hear it everywhere, all the time. Some people say it doesn't matter where your clothes come from. Whether it's Shein or Free People, it's all probably coming from the same overseas factories, made by the same exploited people. It feels like a maze of constant research and fact-checking in order to buy things you don't feel ethically guilty about.

The only real way around this? Buying thrifted, used, vintage and/or handmade. Nobody can be perfect 100% of the time, but if we all did this say, 20% more often, it would collectively make a huge difference. Besides, we all secretly want special pieces that nobody else has. This can also apply to more than just clothes. Home decor, furniture and jewelry can all be part of your sustainability mission.




Trends are moving fast. Styles from the early '00s came back in and are already on the way out within two years. The cycle is impossible to keep up with. To combat this, a trend has emerged in an effort to transcend the rat race of style and fashion. Think the classic, timeless pieces that don't go in and out—they simply stand as they are.




Part of this can be finding your true personal style, which should transcend trends. It can be a journey, but it's worth it. You'll find yourself buying more intentionally and continuing to enjoy your pieces, whether it's for your home decor or closet, rather than finding that you hate something you bought three months ago.

How do you develop or find your personal style? You have to commit.

You could start with a day of shopping, going in knowing you're not going to buy anything. Take photos, notes, etc. The pieces you're thinking about in a week are safe to add to an intentional wish list. A Pinterest board never hurts, either. Load it up at first with homes or closets that you love. Then go back through and comb out the pins that aren't speaking to you.




Shopping local is a great way to ensure you know where your products are coming from and is typically higher quality. West Michigan has plenty to offer, whether it's boutiques in East Grand Rapids, Shop Hop events or otherwise, opportunities abound to start your sustainable shopping journey right here.

Farmgirl Flea Market is a great place to start, especially since it's this weekend! The ninth annual Spring Market—taking place Friday, May 17 from 4-8 p.m. and Saturday, May 18 from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. at Hudsonville Fairgrounds—is owned by three west side women who carefully jury each vendor to ensure they're a small business carrying a wide array of offerings for shoppers. It's here that shoppers will be able to find everything from vintage, to handmade, to boutique. Not to mention live music, food and drinks to enjoy while you shop!

You can enjoy sustainability through shopping local at events like Farmgirl all summer long.

Learn more by visiting Farmgirl Flea Market.

Written by Karen Mead, Co-Owner, Farmgirl Flea Market.

Courtesy of Farmgirl Flea Market.

Photos Courtesy of Farmgirl Flea Market.


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