Bachelorette Party Ideas for the West Michigan Bride

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Trying to think of something other than the same old, same old for a bachelorette party?

West Michigan has plenty of not-so-traditional ways to celebrate the bride-to-be.

I recently witnessed an on-stage proposal, during a concert at Bell's Eccentric Café in Kalamazoo. The band brought the couple up to the stage, played for them and everything—and it got me thinking: If the proposal is THAT cool and unique to that couple, why can't the bachelorette party function in the same way?

Run a race.
Hang with me here for a minute: I know what you're thinking and I'm mostly right there with you. But doesn't enjoying a good meal or fancy cocktail seem more indulgent if you feel like you really worked and accomplished something totally awesome earlier in the day—especially alongside your favorite crew? Now, this might not be an ideal party for everyone. But if you and your fitness-loving friends feel like sweating it out early and partying hard later, consider races like the Winter Blast 5K in Grandville or the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon, 10K & 5K and the Amway River Bank Run in Grand Rapids. Have friends and family situated throughout the race route with signs to cheer on the bride-to-be.

Set up a photo shoot.
Get all dolled up and head to a photography studio for some dress-up fun! Mod Bettie specializes in pampering you while simultaneously making you feel like a total queen, in addition to producing some killer photos. Bust out your favorite silky robe or pin-up-style dress and let loose! You'll have plenty of laughs with your girls and leave with newfound confidence, not to mention a cool photo to remember the party by. Consider having photos printed and framed as bridesmaid gifts before the wedding.

Get customized!
They say scent is one of the most powerful ties to memory. How many times have you smelled something in passing and thought, "Wow, that takes me back!" Why not create a one-of-a-kind scent that you can associate with this special time in your life? Hit up Wax Poetic Candle Bar, where you and your bridal party can create your own blissfully scented concoctions—from classically simple to out-of-this-world unique. The candle bar has various options for private parties—and don't worry: You can bring your drinks with you so the party doesn't have to start only when the wax dries.

Have a slumber party.
Pretend you and your gal pals are back to the days when your biggest worry was what the Sweet Valley High kids were up to and what your sister did with your Caboodle full of nail polish. Or, if you're anything like me, what your older brother was going to do next to prank you and your unsuspecting friends. Build a pillow fort (you know you want to), pop some popcorn—and a bottle, and just chill. Exchange stories from years ago, play a hilarious board game that's sure to leave you with sore abs the next day, put on that guilty pleasure movie and enjoy. Oh, and pizza! Definitely pizza. Take advantage of delivery services like that of Harmony Brewing Company.

Go to camp.
Think back on the sunny carefree days of summer camp. Ever wish you could relive it? Contact a few summer camps and see if they offer any special programs on their off seasons! Camp Newaygo has a Girlfriends Get-A-Way Weekend where you and your best gals will enjoy a whole weekend of camp fun and delicious food. But don't worry: It's not all as rustic as you may remember camp being. You can sign up for on-site massages and manicures to sweeten the experience.

Bring the party to you.
More homebody than party animal? Have your dinner catered in! Invite your party over to indulge in some seriously mouth-watering dishes, all paired with fabulous Michigan wines and cheeses from Martha's Vineyard. Create your own custom playlist and set a tone that's all your own.

What's been your favorite bachelorette party you've ever attended?

Written by Sarah Suydam, Staff Writer for West Michigan Woman.

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