Muskegon Museum of Art Presents Studio Brew

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West Michigan is home to a number of breweries and craft beer aficionados—and it turns out the Muskegon Museum of Art (MMA) has its own reason to raise a glass. This fall, the MMA presents Studio Brew: The Colors of Beer to celebrate the art of brewing through the visual arts.

Drawing its inspiration from the integral quality of beer, the MMA invited 26 Michigan artists to produce artworks in the medium of their choice. Each piece replicates a single hue from the Standard Reference Measure (SRM) scale for measuring the color of beer. From pale amber ales to dark stouts, the SRM encompasses an array of oranges, yellows, reds and browns that complete the spectrum of beer.

"Studio brew is unique because we invited artists to create works based solely on color palette, and mainly using just one color at that," said Marguerite Curran, Communications and Public Relations Manager of the MMA.

The result? An exhibition featuring paintings, photographs, prints, drawings and sculptures that lead the viewer through the colors of beer.

Participating Artists

  • Richard Aardsma
  • Lisa Ambrose
  • Nick Antonakis
  • Douglas Baker
  • Diann Marie Bartnick
  • Sue Boehme
  • Robyn Bomhof
  • Bill Chardon
  • Patricia Constantine
  • Topher Crowder
  • Adam Dahlstrom
  • Thomas A. Depree
  • Erin Hoffman
  • Lori Hough
  • Sue Line
  • Billy Mayer
  • Cara O'Brien
  • Patricia Opel
  • Michael Peoples
  • The late T.L. Pfliger
  • Frederic A. Reinecke
  • J. Arthur Sanders
  • Tom Tomasek
  • Paul Van Heest
  • Kathleen VanDeMark
  • David Warmenhoven

Studio Brew runs August 11 through October 30. An opening reception takes place Thursday, August 11, from 5:30 – 7 p.m. After the reception, brewers Chad Doane and Ryan "Rhino" Wasson from Muskegon's Pigeon Hill Brewing Company will discuss their craft.

Visit www.muskegonartmuseum.org or call 231.720.2570 for visitor information.

Photo Courtesy of the Muskegon Museum of Art.

Richard Aardsma
Still Life with Beer Glass
digital media


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