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Career-Raise CroppedAsking employers for a raise can be an intimidating and sometimes touchy subject, especially for women, says Communications Professor Danielle Leek. When considering asking for a raise, be thoughtful and patient, this conversation takes practice.

Career-PaidForPublicSpeakingMost of the time, getting paid means cold, hard cash. But there are some forms of compensation that may be more beneficial than Benjamins, especially for public speakers. In a survey by the National Speaker's Association, 81.1 percent of public speakers said they worked for no fee at least once in the last year. In addition, 89.6 percent of the same speakers said they speak for free one in ten times. Still, public speakers benefit from giving presentations without pay. Instead of raking in the dough, speakers develop good reputations and secure positive exposure and marketing.

Career-HandShakeIf you've taken a break from the working world to start a family, getting back into it can be daunting. With confidence, however, you can launch yourself, and your career, right back into the game. Follow these steps to achieve your goals in the work force:

Relationships-DanielleLeekMaintaining a good employer-employee relationships is professionally necessary and can promote a positive attitude in the work place. But to communicate effectively with employers, employees should be well-prepared emotionally in order to project the desired outcome of the conversation.

BodyLanguageAs sales people (or in any career for that matter), it’s important to think about how your shake your client’s hand, whether you cross your arms when you’re talking, whether you’re smiling while talking on the phone, etc. All of these actions project positive interaction with a current or potential customer. However, have you ever thought about mastering the Belly Button Rule, working your naughty bits, where you sit, or using your power gestures?

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