Inforum Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Engage with the West Michigan Woman Community!

"The best glimpse of what our future holds is what our members believe." —Melissa Collar

Inforum was founded as the Women's Economic Club in 1962, when twenty-three Detroit area women wanted to shake things up. In 2005 it changed its name to Inforum—and in Grand Rapids, twenty-three different women wanted to shake things up. With Inforum support they founded Inforum West Michigan, and for ten years have forged a future for women where talent meets opportunity at every leadership level.

As Inforum West Michigan sets the stage for its future, co-founders Melissa Collar, Patti Griswold, Denise Sherwood, and Jennifer Tyler talked about the history of the operation celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2015.

To read more about Inforum's vision for the future, click here for the digital edition of West Michigan Woman.

Photo courtesy of Kelly Braman Photography.


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