Redeem the Winter: Snowshoe!

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Our first date was over twenty-three years agothat equals a LOT of dates! We are always searching for the latest and greatest restaurant, brewery, experience, or adventure. In order to redeem this winter, Mark and I thought we would try our hand at snowshoeing.

Snowshoeing is found in many areas around West Michigan, and we discovered a location right in our backyard. Pigeon Creek is just a fifteen-minute drive from our home in Hudsonville and offers an array of winter adventures—cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and sledding. In addition, ski and snowshoeing rentals are available.

Here are a few thoughts from our snowshoe excursion:

  • It’s not as awkward as it looks. I anticipated the need to walk like a mammoth, stomping my feet, but my stride didn’t really change.
  • Blazing new trails. It was exciting to go off-trail and have the ability to walk anywhere. The snow was extremely deep, but you can step anywhere with ease. (The camera crew had a much tougher time!)
  • Quiet. What’s that? The park offered a peaceful setting for conversation and connection with my husband.
  • Outfit your fingers. Don’t forget to protect your smallest extremities: Your body may be moving, but your fingers aren’t.

Two thumbs up for a date day or night! It was a wonderful experience. Snowshoeing offers great options for whatever your time, budget, and physical capabilities may allow. Just beware … your spouse may throw you down in the snow!

Special thanks to Bill & Paul’s Sportshaus for outfitting us for this special adventure, from our snowshoes to the matching outfits! Be sure to visit their store or website for anything your adventurous spirit desires.

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Written by: Stephanie TeSlaa, mother of four, volunteer cleaning lady, occasional good cook, better baker, laundry slave, full-time Operations Director, and wife who still finds time to date her husband of almost seventeen years.


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