Spring Break's Over. Now What?

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We recently returned from our long-awaited spring break. Several months of planning and build-up went into this year's trip—which was all that I could hope for. We had great weather, we had quality family time, and we created memories that lasted a lifetime.

Then why did I feel blue when I got home? I felt like a bride the day after she got back from her honeymoon. Is it possible I had the post-spring break blues?

Let's face it: I have no reason to feel blue. We had a great trip and I feel blessed we got to go in the first place. Why was I finding it difficult to get motivated? Going from 92 degrees to 28 in about 12 hours could do it! Perhaps it could be the extra few pounds I felt like I gained because the food was so good. Or it could be the amount of work I was walking into.

Regardless of why, I had to find a way to quickly get myself out of it.

Here's what I did.

1. Do a quick closet purge. I'm pretty sure—if you're anything like me—you picked up a thing or two while on your vacation. Before you unpack, empty out your closet and make space for the new pretties you bought (or didn't buy). It is spring, regardless if it looks like it outside. Spring cleaning is always good for the soul!

2. Get settled before the workweek begins. Pay the bills, unpack and put everything away, do the laundry, and get your meals planned for the week. It doesn't matter what week it is: Having a plan makes everything feel that much more organized.

3. Create a memory book of your trip. We have so many wonderful pictures that capture the experiences of our trip. Why not hop on Shutterfly or your favorite site and order a book? Having those pictures as memories for a lifetime make the trip feel like it isn't over.

4. Plan your next trip. I actually didn't do that this year; perhaps that's why it feels over. In the past, I've always had a loose-leaf plan for the next year's vacation. At the very least, we had three destinations in mind for what we would do. Pick the top three things that would work for your family and mull them over. Having an idea—even if its not a plan—is better than nothing!

5. Dive back into work. Even though I was feeling blue, I pulled my laptop out while the kids were playing with their friends they had missed and started organizing e-mails. I certainly didn't get to everything I needed, but organizing what I could made a big difference coming into the office the next day. Just doing it helps tremendously!

All good things must come to and end—including vacation.

But when one thing ends, another begins. Remember: Spring and all that comes with it is right around the corner. May you enjoy spring as much as you did your vacation, and may you enjoy the adventure that lies ahead!

Written by Kasie Smith, West Michigan Woman publisher. She may not have a plan, but she is thinking about what might come next ...

Photo courtesy of Kasie Smith.


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