Longevity in Health Care: Why Patients Benefit

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You may think because of the global nature of society and business today, people would be moving or relocating more than ever.

Moving to different towns, different states and different countries. However, new Census Bureau data shows this isn't the case.

According to 2019 Census data, Americans are moving at the lowest rate since the government started keeping track in 1947.

Simply stated, more people are staying put.

When you stay put, it opens the door to long-term doctor-patient relationships, which is something Metro Health – University of Michigan Health's vice president of primary care, Monica Taylor, says is extremely beneficial.

"It's a beautiful thing when generations of a family remain with the same physician or receive care at the same office," said Taylor. "It's a privilege when we can walk with patients through their lifelong health journey."

While physicians say walking through life with patients is rewarding, the benefits also extend to the patient.

When patients are comfortable with their doctor, they are more forthcoming about their concerns. That honesty can lead to catching problems early and receiving treatment quickly. When your physician knows you on a personal level and is familiar with your health history, they are better positioned to offer advice that is helpful and personalized.

"Trusted relationships are so important between doctor and patient," Taylor explained. "At Metro Health, our physicians not only provide exceptional care, they do it with compassion and truly care about patient outcomes."

Relationships and trust are not only built with primary care physicians, but they're also reinforced when patients seek care from other specialties within the same health system.

"Primary care may be the place where your health care relationship with Metro Health begins, but our breadth of services ensures you can remain with us for all of your health care needs," adds Taylor.

Metro Health's 17 primary care and pediatric offices are conveniently located and easily accessible for care when you need it. The organization's Women's Health Center, located on Metro Health's East Campus, unites OB/GYN services, advanced outpatient surgery, and access to multiple health care services—all under one roof. Women have the potential to stay with Metro Health well into adulthood, integrate their families and then seek care throughout the rest of their life.

"Life is full of change and uncertainty," said Taylor. "But where you get your health care, and who provides it, can remain that stable, unwavering force in your life. Give us the opportunity to walk beside you through all of life's health decisions."

Content and photo courtesy of Metro Health – University of Michigan Health.

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