You Deserve a Spa Day

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Show of hands ... who needs a spa day? Oh, we're all raising our hands? Every single one of us?

Sounds about right. We know how relaxing a day—or even an hour—at the spa can be, but sometimes treating ourselves feels more like a luxury than a necessity. We worry about dollar signs, organizing child care and breaking away from the grind. And honestly, those are all reasons we really, really need some R&R.

Yes, part of a spa day is about pampering: cozying up in a robe, getting a fresh coat of polish or getting a blowout you'll never be able to replicate at home. But those are only the superficial elements. I headed over to Spa Grand Traverse to learn how day at the spa can go more than skin deep.

Working Out the Knots

Is there anything more relaxing than a massage? Survey says: no. Whether you work behind on a desk or you're on your feet all day, odds are you're building up a whole lot of tension in your back, neck and shoulders. An hour on the table can make a huge difference.

"The benefits of massage therapy range from reducing pain and increasing joint flexibility to enhancing immunity by stimulating lymph flow," said Dawn Olsen, Director of Spa Grand Traverse at Grand Traverse Resort and Spa.

"Massages relieve stress and fatigue in the muscles and can alleviate issues like tension headaches."

With the wide range of massage options at Spa Grand Traverse—from deep tissue to hot stone—the difficulty won't be choosing to get a service. It will be picking the most amazing one.

Putting Your Best Face Forward

Stress. Sun damage. Passing years. All of these factors contribute to our skin looking older or tired. How do we recapture that youthful glow and keep our skin clean and hydrated so it can look its best?

The answer is simple: HydraFacial. The latest addition to the Resort's skin care offerings, the HydraFacial system cleanses, hydrates and protects your skin for instant—and lasting—results. With three simple steps, you'll reveal the best skin of your life.

How does it work? Gentle exfoliation resurfaces the skin before a gentle suction wand (think a mini water vacuum) removes debris from the pores. Intense moisturizers follow, and the process ends with targeted serums and LED light therapy to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving elasticity.

The results of the treatment last a full 28 days, which is roughly the life cycle of a skin cell. Best of all? For the month of April, Spa Grand Traverse is celebrating spring with a BOGO half off for all HydraFacial services. Now's the time to get your glow!

Saying Goodbye to Dry Winter Skin

We all love longer days and more sunshine, but the winter-to-spring season switch means changes in humidity, which causes dry, itchy skin to plague us. It's uncomfortable and can leave us feeling hyperaware of every imperfection.

Dawn recommended a body scrub to nip dry skin in the bud.

"Body scrubs don't just relieve dry skin—they also brighten and smooth your skin's complexion," she explained.

"Other benefits include hydration, reduction of fluid build-up and detoxification—all of which leave your skin feeling and looking its best."

The body care options at Spa Grand Traverse are nearly endless: think turquoise sage body butter, Tree of Life salt scrub, an organic honey masque or coconut apricot sugar scrub. Is it okay to be relaxed and hungry at the same time?

Making It Count

Ready to hit the spa? Then I have some good news: April is the time to stretch your spa dollars. Not only can you take advantage of the HydraFacial BOGO half off deal, but April 15-21 is Spring Spa Week. Choose from a 50-minute massage, facial or mani-pedi combo for just $50.

We'll see you in Traverse City, where complete relaxation awaits.

Jillian Manning, Public Relations Manager, Grand Traverse Resort, loves exploring Northern Michigan, getting lost in a good book and catching a Traverse City sunset.


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