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Wellness-DanceTo add to my repertoire of offerings in yoga, movement, personal growth and wellness, I signed up for the weeklong JourneyDance training held in Boston with creator Toni Bergins. The experience was beyond a "simple training” but rather about BEing fully alive. Whether it is an hour class, or entire week, being fully alive is an incredible space to be in!  

Throughout the week of restoring my mind and body health, I also came to a deeper place of trusting and accepting myself. As my body’s subtle energy systems were harmoniously flowing, my spirit was elevated into a joyful bliss (even giddy at times). My feet danced, my heart sang and my soul smiled…all at the same time! 

Most of society operates from the neck up, however we live in and through our bodies! It is the body’s way to crawl, roll, stretch, spin, sway, shake, swivel, undulate, make noise, and breathe. It is our body instrument, our vehicle in which we live our complete life from, with all of our thoughts, ideas, emotions, pleasures, challenges, movements, tasks, and expressions. 

It is our own authentic journey dance, which moves us into our divine self-expression. Until you can participate in a JourneyDance class, I invite you to take the journey from your own backyard.

  • Begin with the earthly actions of washing dishes, going to work, brushing your teeth. Tune in to the ease or difficulty in everyday tasks–how the accumulation of movement affects your body. Instead of just being in your body, feel being in your body. When you get up tomorrow morning, feel the floor with your feet, when you shower, feel the water on your skin, be mindful of the mundane movement you live with everyday. Perhaps it won't feel so mundane after all.
  • Secondly, be aware of how your thoughts and desires move you into action. Notice that when you want something you literally have to get off your butt and make "it" happen.
  • Tune into your will and emotions. How does your body serve you in this capacity? Our will and emotions travel through our bodies, and are expressed because of our bodies.  When we don't release or honor ourselves in constructive and healthy ways, our body will eventually let us know through pain or complaint.
  • Ahhh–what about your heart body? Do you feel all of your emotions? Do you follow your heart? Is your heart “broken?” Do you express love? How do you cherish, appreciate, nurture, and celebrate yourself from your heart?  
  • Do you say what needs to be said? Do you sing, chant, make sounds, laugh out loud, and cry out loud? Do you speak from the awareness of your basic needs, your will, emotions, and heart? Do you say what you mean, and mean what you say?  

Pulse with your heart, groove to the music, ignite your soul’s desire. Take the joyful journey. It’s time for us all to dance again!  

JourneyDance is an inspiring, intuitive, playful and often exhilarating movement experience. JourneyDance mixes yoga flow, trance dance, chanting and free-form movement with a variety of world music. Liberate your inner dancer and feel the innate state of JOY! JourneyDance is practiced barefoot. No previous dance experience is necessary. All movement is at one's own pace and intensity.

JourneyDance begins by dancing the earth: slowing down, letting go, feeling grounded. From the solid, safe place, dance into your sensual, water body–awakening fluidity and loosening the spine. Then, get funky in community, dance your fiery rhythmic beats, dive into your ocean of emotion, and clear your mind of negative self-talk. Inspire your heart to share its secrets, as you come into alignment with your true essence and intuition. Finally, rest and rejuvenate, feel radiant, embodied, full of joy, and gratitude.

Written by: Barbara Badolati loves to dance and guides others in mindful movement. She minored in dance at MCC and EMU, trained in 5Rhythms, Nia white belt, and Journey Dance module I. Join her at the Muskegon Yoga studio located in Norton Shores April 13 or go online for class schedule. To invite Barb to teach at your location call 616 638-5625 or e-mail her. For more information visit her website, and subscribe to receive FREE monthly Well-BEing Tips. Barbara Badolati, April 2012. Rights granted to West Michigan Woman edition. This article, or parts thereof, may not be reproduced in any form without permission.

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