Individualized Medication Solutions

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"Keystone is extremely pleased to be celebrating our 15th anniversary in West Michigan," said David J. Miller, chief formulation scientist and co-owner of Keystone Pharmacy. "We opened our doors in 2001 with a strong commitment to providing individualized medication solutions, and this formula continues to resonate with our patients—whether they are on two legs or four."

We have made a significant investment to enhance our labs in order to meet increasing demand for our compounded medications. Physicians turn to compounded medications for many reasons—their patients may be allergic to an ingredient in a manufactured drug, may need a smaller dosage than commercially available or may require a different delivery system, such as a cream, spray, suppository or troche. Physicians and patients also rely on compounded medication when commercially available medications are discontinued.

Keystone's pharmacists and team of licensed technicians compound medications for many purposes, including pain management and palliative care, cancer treatments, hospice, hormone replacement therapy, wound management, skin conditions, veterinary needs and more. The pharmacy also understands the challenges of providing medications to children with autism, working closely with parents to individualize an acceptable dosage and delivery system.

Keystone Pharmacy is a locally owned, nationally accredited, full-service pharmacy with a strong expertise in compounding.

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