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Fitbits are digital wearables that track health statistics, including steps, distance, calories burned, stairs climbed, and sleep quality. They allow wearers to sync to their smartphone or computer, generate graphs that help wearers visualize their progress, and motivate by sending personalized feedback and offering the opportunity to challenge Fitbit-wearing friends.

There are several brands of fitness tracking bands, but Fitbit is one of the most popular. In a February 13 article, TechRepublic reported that about half of those who own fitness tracking bands no longer use them, and a third had stopped using theirs within six months of purchasing or receiving it. It seems like half the women I know got a Fitbit for Christmas this year, and I'm wondering, now that over a month has passed, how's it going?

The Fans

  • Laura Cartwright-Diekevers, Grandville: "Been wearing it for a year now! Love it!"
  • Heidi Palmer: "Love, love, love it—motivates me daily; makes me accountable to myself."
  • Heidi Miller: "Got a Fitbit Charge for Christmas. Love it. Display on wrist, sleep tracker, and Bluetooth features are my favorite."
  • Kelsey Ambrosier, Aquinas College graduate now in East Lansing: "I got an UP24 for Christmas. I've worn it religiously since I got it. I know the results aren't 100% accurate, but they're motivating me to stay active and get lots of sleep at night."
  • Carrie Dyer, Boyne City: "I got a Fitbit Charge for Christmas and I'm LOVING it. I can compete with friends in challenges, which helps me because I'm really competitive. The app on my phone helps me even track my calorie intake, so I'm definitely more conscious of that. I wear it all the time. I've already lost twelve pounds!"

The Haters

  • Jill Smith, Rockford: "I received one for Christmas and returned it. I feel like I already know what I need to do as far as getting more exercise and that this wouldn't be the thing that motivates me. I predict that this is a fad that will be over in a year."
  • Lisa Young, Rockford: "Mine is a constant reminder that I'm failing."

While the accuracy of fitness tracking digital wearables has been questioned, many users find value in the constant reminder of the choices they're making—whether it's how they're spending their time or what they're putting in their mouth—and in the accumulated data, which shows behavioral trends.

Those of you who find yourselves marching in place in your living room or engaging in other activities specifically to meet your steps or distance goals may enjoy this Fitbit-inspired article by the hilariously neurotic David Sedaris about the joyous tingle of ten thousand steps and the motivation bordering on obsession wearing his fitness tracking band has inspired.

Tell us in the comment section below how things are going with your Fitbit!

Written by Jennifer Reynolds, West Michigan Woman staff writer and a non-step-counter.


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