Owning Your Health, the Key to Serenity

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Wellness-Own Your Health“Own your health” is the relatively new catchphrase in the natural health industry. What does it mean? Simply put, you can’t get healthy until you want to get healthy. It also means that you take an active roll in staying healthy.

Here is a clear example of someone who takes ownership of her health: She goes to the doctor regularly to get simple tests to confirm that she is on the right track. She has a discussion with their doctor about some changes in her health, and the doctor may explain some possible causes. Now that she has an understanding of the cause(s), the two of them discuss the best way to move forward.

Here are a few suggestions to help you move forward and become active in your health:

  1. Decide to make changes in your life to become healthy.
Learn about different ways to attain your goal(s).

  3. Find out what you must do to make those changes.

  4. Substitute bad habits with good habits.

  5. Practice saying “No, thank you.”
  6. Stop making excuses.
Figure out what keeps you from wanting better health.

That last one is a key point. Once you figure out why you like being less-than-optimally-healthy, it helps to prevent you from slipping back into those old bad habits. 

You can use these same points to own any addiction. Go through the list again while thinking about not smoking, not eating too many sweets, not drinking too much alcohol, exercising more, spending more time with friends/family, or not spending too much money. 

Insert anything that you want to change, figure out how to do it, and then there will be nothing that can get in your way except your own lack of determination. You can do it!

Article and photo by: Maggie Conklin, N.D., is the owner of LadyHawk Nutrition LLC in Saugatuck, and is also the Assistant Director of Coltsfoot College of Natural Health. She’s a native of Saugatuck where she lives with her husband Ron, is active in local politics, and has fun balancing family, work, and a busy social schedule.

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