Make Your Hotel Room Cozy with These Tips

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Even if travel is your absolute favorite thing, sometimes uncomfortable hotel rooms can ruin the overall vibe. Nobody wants to feel like they can't properly unwind after a day jam-packed with adventure! Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to increase the comfort level of your hotel room without springing for a room upgrade. Keep reading to take a look at some of our suggestions!

Consider bringing along your own linens or pillow.
We get it—sometimes you just like what you like! Whether it's the texture of your favorite sheets or the softness of your pillow from back home, it makes sense to bring some of those items along with you for your travels—especially if it means not waking up with a stiff neck. Consider dialing down the room temperature and taking a warm shower right before bed for ultimate relaxation.

A sound machine and eye mask could be a lifesaver.
Sometimes, walls are thin and light finds its way through curtains and cracks. To lessen these annoyances, consider bringing along earplugs and a sound machine (if you have one). There are also sound machine apps on most smartphones which can be put on a timer to accomplish the same effect. If you're old school—and have the space in your bag—a small portable fan could also do the trick with ambient sound for catching some quality shut eye.

An eye mask for sleeping is also a smart choice. However, if you're not keen on having something over your eyes, you could bring along some LED light-blocking stickers to cover small electronic lights that glow nonstop from TVs, radios and other appliances (just unstick them when you leave).

Scent matters.
If you have a sensitive nose or simply like your space to smell a certain way, concentrated room sprays are just the ticket. Packing a big punch in a small container, room sprays are a simple way to up the level of luxury in your hotel room. Of course, much like hairspray, just be aware of TSA rules when it comes to packing any aerosol sprays in your luggage.

Don't skip the little luxuries.
Pack all the little things that make you feel like your most relaxed self at home! Never underestimate the power of a good pair of slippers and/or cozy socks. And while some hotels have very quality and boutique-style toiletries, you also never know how your skin may react to a new product. Invest in travel size containers to bring your favorites right along with you on your travels.

Written by Sarah Suydam, Managing Editor for West Michigan Woman.


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