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West Michigan Woman's event line up is here! Mark your calendars and get ready to wine down, pint out, get wiggy and scramble. When you attend, you'll find that our events aren't like any other professional women's events. Why? Because our events are less formal and we're not afraid to have fun. It's this casual comfortable atmosphere that has helped our events experience compelling growth (61% attendance growth in 2015) and provided an excellent return to our sponsors.

What are your retirement dreams? Everyone needs a plan, a roadmap to reach their life goals. Women especially need a plan, as we statistically live longer than men. It is NOT too late to improve your future lifestyle.

CKO Kickboxing, one of the fastest-growing fitness franchises in the nation, is slated to open their first Midwest location at 616 Lofts on Monroe in early January 2016. President of CKO Grand Rapids, Shelby Reno brings over 20 years of fitness expertise and group exercise know-how to the brand. The kickboxing studio will feature 60 6-foot-tall "heavy" bags to support one-hour group kickboxing and high intensity interval training classes – nearly 40 sessions each week. A Kids' Kick class is on the schedule for late Saturday mornings to give kids an outlet to unleash their high energy while improving agility and building confidence.

Danielle Hawkins refused to believe that an aneurysm could cease the life she and her husband created. Teaming up with rehabilitation therapists, they proved to the world that love does conquer all.

The 8th Annual Grand Rapids International Wine, Beer & Food Festival, Nov. 19-21, is a celebration of culinary crafts. The Midwest's largest wine, beer and food tasting event in the Midwest offers 1500-plus beverages for sampling.

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