Two Women in the Morning!

Engage with the West Michigan Woman Community!

Think about your favorite night out with your girlfriends—the night that you still laugh about every time you get together.

That's what it's like each morning for us.

Getting to work when it's still dark outside definitely has its challenges, but the giggles and coffee inhalation make it a breeze.

You have to be able to jive with your partner when doing a morning show. For us, it feels more like a pair of best friends gabbing about everything from motherhood, to that time you didn't think before you let out a fart.

We knew that working together would be an experience, but we didn't realize how life changing it would be. We've been able to open up in ways we never have on-air before. From Rachael talking about the birth of her children to me revealing the ins and outs of having an intersex condition.

To have the opportunity to reach women around West Michigan in this unique way has been incredible. The show features segments like "Ask Jacks," a segment where listeners can call in for advice on everything from "coming out to their parents" to "wondering if this tattoo is a good idea" or "Woman Crush Wednesday," where we feature a different woman of prominence in our community.

The Gray and Green Show has made us feel more connected to Grand Rapids than ever before. We know this is only the beginning and West Michigan can expect more fun from us—along with more fart stories.

Written by Jackie Green, Co-Host, The Gray and Green Show.


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