Instant Cure for Childhood Boredom

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Family-Bored Jar Cropped"Mom! Mom! Mom! MOM!!!! I'm bored." When is the last time you heard that? Is it happening right now? Before you shut yourself in the closet to escape, create a "bored jar," and curb your children's restlessness.

A bored jar can be made of anything, a large mason jar, an empty candle jar, a vase, a cookie jar, whatever you have around the house. Occupy your children initially with decorating and labeling the jar.

Then have them come up with their favorite things to do–playing in the sandbox, getting ice cream, making a fort in the yard (or with the couch cushions), playing hide and seek, and so on. Moms can come up with their own list of favorite things for kids to do, like cleaning their rooms… Once all options are approved, cut strips of paper with each activity and put it in the jar. Shake it up, and the next time your dissatisfied little one mentions the word "bored," you can send them straight to the jar.

Source: Pinterest. Photo: Horton Group.