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Dr. Natalie Goran, founder of Celsia MediSpa in Muskegon, has treated the uneven, the wrinkled, and the rosacea. But while she knows most women (and even men) have something about their skin they'd like to change, her understanding of common aging conditions goes more than skin deep. "My motto," she said, "is beauty comes from inside."

The top three things treated by licensed therapists in Natalie's office are wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and darkened sun spots. They also work with clients dealing with acne, rosacea, and unwanted facial hair. "When women come in, I ask them, if you looked in a mirror, what would you want to change? Many say 'everything.'" 

Natalie helps patients identify their biggest concerns and works on those things first. "I really want people to look and feel beautiful." Using Botox and facial fillers, wrinkles disappear. With laser hair removal, patients get the smooth complexion they used to know. Other facial lasers are used to treat red areas or dark spots caused by long-term sun exposure. A patient's true skin tone could be uncovered with a silk skin peel or microdermabraision. Treatments "vacuum off all the bad stuff, and that's good for anybody with acne," Natalie said. 

Skin care treatments can be as varied as patients' concerns. That's why Natalie keeps several skin care lines on hand. "It's not like going to the department store and buying a full package. I actually customize your skin care. Some people have oily skin in some areas and dry in others. Some people need more anti-aging products. It also depends on your price point," she said. Natalie accommodates all factors in suggesting products to her patients.

And she customizes her schedule to reflect her family's lifestyle. Natalie and her husband, an eye surgeon, work together in the same office building. Natalie enjoys the close proximity. She jokes that after he finishes a surgery, patients can see their wrinkles more clearly, "so then I take over." The Gorans have two sons, so the flexibility of being in the same office also allows Natalie to spend more time with her children. 

Natalie wasn't always a West Michigan girl. She grew up in Rochester, New York, and moved to East Lansing to get her undergraduate degree at Michigan State University. "I loved it so much, I stayed there for med school," she said. Natalie completed her residency at Metropolitan hospital in Grand Rapids. She and her husband set up shop in West Michigan and have lived in Spring Lake, Grand Haven, and Muskegon.

Learn more about skin care and get tips for dealing with adult acne from Dr. Goran in the February issue of West Michigan Woman

Written by: Erika Rose is West Michigan Woman magazine's staff writer.

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