Small Business, Big Success: Cynthia Kay Tackles Small Business Strategies in New Book

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Cynthia Kay, President and CEO of Cynthia Kay and Company and past West Michigan Woman cover profile, details proven strategies to beat the odds and grow a business in new book.

Cynthia Kay knows that a job well done is about so much more than just the recognition you might receive afterward. She's also well acquainted with what it takes to found a small business and grow it into one that's healthy and thriving. Kay argues that small businesses can have big impacts and aren't simply a scaled down version of a big business, as they're not small because of inferiority or ineffectiveness.

From growing up in a local family business to running her own media production company, Kay imparts her wisdom with readers in her third book, "Small Business, Big Success: Proven Strategies to Beat the Odds and Grow a Great Business." From her personal down-in-the-trenches stories to those from other small business CEOs and business experts, "Small Business, Big Success" digs into it all.

Certain strategies, while perhaps successful for larger companies, may be counterproductive for smaller businesses. Kay's book offers conventional but proven strategies to run a better small business and provides a roadmap for those owners who are looking to expand and grow by doing more business with "big business."

From start-up issues and growing the business to human resource concerns and strategic planning—not to mention attracting business from bigger companies—"Small Business, Big Success" uses real stories to illustrate strategies, connect with highly sought-after customers and win over big clients.

Additional advice within the book includes:

  • Having and exit strategy before you open the door.
  • Getting smart about partnering—create a business prenup.
  • From clients to employees: When to love them, when to leave them.
  • How to get face time in a virtual world, and when it's a must.
  • Get bigger or stay small?
  • Attracting and winning contracts from much larger companies.
  • Give something away, get more business.
  • Stepping out and into the next adventure.

The early chapters of "Small Business, Big Success" help lay the foundation for what it takes to build and grow a small business that's healthy, efficient and a great place to work. Later chapters share a roadmap for small companies looking to expand their businesses, along with how to connect and deepen your relationship with customers and the community. Finally, the book closes out by helping you begin to ponder "success at stepping out"—knowing if/when to sell, how to retire, or if a second act is your next move.

Kay loves to write and says that writing each of her books has been a different experience.

"This one seemed to just flow effortlessly perhaps because it touches every aspect of business that I have been living for over 35 years," Kay shared. "I also had interesting conversations with business owners and experts from across the country. They added so much to the content with their different perspectives."

Kay believes "Small Business, Big Success" offers something for businesses at all stages.

"For those just taking on the challenge of business, it provides solid advice to avoid the common pitfalls. For those growing their operation, it can help them take that next big step. Finally, as entrepreneurs consider stepping out, the book explores how to balance emotion with good decision making," Kay said. "No matter where readers are in the journey, I hope it inspires them."

Learn more about Cynthia and her new book here.

Written by Sarah Suydam, Managing Editor for West Michigan Woman.

 Photos Courtesy of Evan Dulac, CK and CO and Career Press. 


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