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Ana Ramirez-Saenz, founder and owner of La Fuente Consulting, knows that global communication is a large part of many different industries, including those here in West Michigan. That's why she's now founded La Fuente Communications, a diversity, equity and inclusion consulting firm located in Grand Rapids.

The new partner company focuses on offering comprehensive language services for businesses and organizations to communicate with their multilingual employees, connect with their customers, and reach prospective clients in their language and in markets they serve worldwide. The La Fuente Communications full suite of translation, interpretation, and multimedia solutions help clients transform language barriers into a globally competitive advantage.

"For promoting your brands across cultures, it is vital that the content of your message is expressed accurately, concisely and above all with the cultural nuances that will resonate in the marketplace," said Ramirez-Saenz. "That is what we do best, our team is standing by to work with you."

Migrating the language services division from La Fuente Consulting into its own entity positioned La Fuente Communications to exclusively market its translation, interpretation and multimedia services to an ever-expanding and growing multilingual sector. This sector needed expert language providers who offered a full menu of culturally appropriate communication services to enable clients to create rich cultural experiences and strengthen their brands.

"Opening doors for global opportunities for our clients through our language solutions, is one of our top priorities," said Ramirez-Saenz, who created La Fuente Consulting in 2000, after a long professional career in corporate banking and industry. As one of the few and sometimes the only woman of color in many of her positions, she saw and experienced firsthand the need, value of diversity and necessity of building inclusive teams to create welcoming corporate cultures.

"The most important skills I employed at the onset of my banking career was to listen intently to the concerns CEOs and leadership teams had for the organization, meet them where they are, speak in their language and be focused on results," Ramirez-Saenz explained. "I hold true to those principles today and carry them forward in assisting organizations to transform their work environments into inclusive and welcoming corporate cultures where everyone is valued for their background, knowledge and experience."

La Fuente Consulting created the Language Services Division in 2003 to respond to client demand for linguistic offerings. Now, as the world continues to get smaller and with the marketplace widely embracing the value of diversity and communicating cross-culturally, Ramirez-Saenz saw the need to expand and deliver the best in class language services with La Fuente Communications.

"This was a natural progression for the La Fuente brand," she said. "La Fuente Consulting will continue to focus on guiding organizations in transforming their cultures by creating diverse, inclusive and equitable work environments, and La Fuente Communications will take over the linguistic side of the business."

La Fuente Communications offers a large network of expert, certified linguists who are native speakers in their focus languages and are fluent and dominant in English.

"Our linguists, who are highly experienced, technology savvy and adhere to an established professional linguistic code of ethics, are from across the globe, cover more than 250 of the world's languages and have in-depth knowledge in over 100 industries," said Ramirez-Saenz, noting those industries span from medical to education, hospitality to nonprofit, and everything in between.

This new venture offers a unique opportunity for West Michigan businesses to branch out and reach their target audiences in the languages they need on a daily basis. It's a need that Ramirez-Saenz and La Fuente Communications are eager to fulfill in order to help connect people, communities and businesses around the world.

Learn more at La Fuente Communication.

Courtesy of West Michigan Woman.

Photo courtesy of Ana Ramirez-Saenz.


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