Women of Influence: Hannah Meloche

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Next up in our Women of Influence series is Hannah Meloche!

You may have read about Hannah in the February/March West Michigan Woman cover article or seen her at the February Wine Down event, where she dished on everything social. West Michigan Woman sat down with Hannah to learn even more about what she's got going on and her thoughts on the current social scene.

Hannah Meloche: hannahmeloche.com | instagram.com/hannahmeloche

Hannah was an early YouTube watcher, following beauty blogger Bethany Mota. "I begged my mom for a camera for Christmas—I think I was 12?" She received that camera.

"I didn't really know what an influencer was at 13. I just thought people made videos for fun. I wanted to be like Bethany and thought it would be fun!" Today, she's inspired by online friends who make videos and real-life friends. Managers contacted her at around 90,000 subscribers; she realized she was an influencer when she got her first bigger brand deal.

Her life is shown extensively online. "I'm completely raw. I put whatever I'm doing out there. People enjoy it so much better if you put yourself out there."

Hannah encourages young women to be themselves, be confident, be positive; to enjoy and make the best of their life. "You have to go out and chase your dreams and live your life. I have to spread the message of positivity and enjoying your everyday life."

"I've always had an interest in film-making and storytelling, ever since I discovered the iPod. I've been doing this a long, long time."

Want to learn even more about Hannah? Check it out!

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written by Amy L Charles, Editorial Director for
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