Women of Influence: Kherington McFarland

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Next up in our Women of Influence series is Kherington McFarland! You may have read about Kherington in the February/March West Michigan Woman cover article or seen her at the February Wine Down event, where she dished on everything social. West Michigan Woman sat down with Kherington to learn even more about what she's got going on and her thoughts on the current social scene.

Kherington McFarland
Currently Kherington: currentlykherington.com | instagram.com/currentlykherington

Kherington began blogging in 2012, for a jewelry retailer. A few years later, she began blogging for herself. After she had her daughter, people asked where she shopped. "My daughter was not dressed like a typical 3-year-old. 'Where did you find a leather jacket for a 3-year-old?' That got me into blogging again."

She always had a business mindset. "I enjoyed writing about fashion and mom life." Her daughter inspires her. "I do everything because of her. She's so small; she's fearless in doing what she wants to do. I want to be a good example, because she looks up to me." When a company sent products to her after she tagged it—and showed her on its site as an influencer—she realized this was a different blogging game.

"Any influence in my content comes from my audience—and my family, my friends, what they want me to do." Many experiences have come from taking the initiative with brands she wants to work with or locals she wants to collaborate with.

"When I was in middle school, I played the trombone for three years. And I always wanted to be a talk show host!"

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Original article written by Amy L Charles, Editorial Director for
West Michigan Woman.

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