Women of Influence: Yumna Jawad

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Next up in our Women of Influence series is Yumna Jawad!

You may have read about Yumna in the February/March West Michigan Woman cover article where she dished (pun intended) on everything social. West Michigan Woman sat down with Yumna to learn even more about what she's got going on and her thoughts on the current social scene.

Yumna Jawad
Feel Good Foodie: feelgoodfoodie.net | instagram.com/feelgoodfoodie

When Yumna took time off from her marketing career while her children were babies, she thought blogging would keep her busy until she went back to work. She loved how visually appealing and open the Instagram platform was and used it personally from its beginning.

She started @feelgoodfoodie to share healthy, feel-good meals she made for her family, then realized it could be a career and business. She learned what followers wanted and how she could influence them—resulting in 100-plus videos showcasing step-by-step recipes. Her children inspire the recipes, ideas and food hacks that help them learn to nourish their growing bodies. She wants healthy food to be fun and approachable.

"The passion fuels you. I have been creating three to five recipes per week for the past five years and haven't skipped a beat. I'll never deviate from what I'm passionate about; I let that be my north star."

"I was born and raised in Africa and English is actually my second language! I moved to the States during civil war in Sierra Leone and never went back."

Want to learn even more about Yumna? Check it out!

Original article written by Amy L Charles, Editorial Director for West Michigan Woman.

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