Women of Influence: Liz Marie Galvan

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If you read the February/March West Michigan Woman cover article or attended the February Wine Down event, chances are you're familiar with Liz Marie Galvan.

West Michigan Woman sat down with Liz to learn even more about what she's got going on and what she thinks about the social scene. Each week, we'll be sharing more about our featured influencers in this Women of Influence series, so follow along!

Liz Marie Galvan
Liz Marie Blog: lizmarieblog.com | instagram.com/lizmariegalvan

Liz began blogging while her husband was deployed, in part to let folks back home know what she was doing. "I didn't know what being an influencer was—I probably didn't even know what that word was!" She began realizing her potential when a company wanted to send her something. "My mind was blown! Now, it happens every day."

Social media is a balancing act. "You show your highlight reel, your passion, what you love. You show YOU through everything. I don't mind showing my highs and lows and flaws: That's important. Always be yourself."

Rooms in the farmhouses she and her husband are redoing inspire her, as do her grandma and an aunt with whom Liz and another woman own a store. "My aunt and my grandma have always inspired me. They've always created beautiful spaces. They're classy."

"I'm really into true crime podcasts. I'm part of true crime Facebook groups and people trying to solve things. If I were not involved in design and blogging and owning a store, I'd go to school for forensics."

Want to learn even more about Liz? Check it out!

Original article written by Amy L Charles, Editorial Director for
West Michigan Woman.

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