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MomsBloom's mission is to provide practical help and emotional support during times of transition for growing families. MomsBloom has served over 850 families through its Flourishing Families Program since 2008 by connecting them to community members who understand how isolating, overwhelming, and emotionally challenging brining home a new baby can be. This accomplishment was achieved by training close to 300 volunteers who understand our current society. Families often live hundreds of miles away from extended family and even if they are close by, they are busy with work and other obligations and don't have the time to provide the suport that past generations did. MomsBloom is known as the extended family for the twenty-first century.

The moment a woman finds out she's pregnant it changes her. However, when the baby arrives, the transformation truly begins. For some the transition appears seamless, but for most, they are not prepared for what they encounter. It should not be suprising that 80% of moms (and a good number of dads) experience what is called the "baby blues." Mood swings and weepiness are fairly normal responses to lack of sleep, major physical changes, a demanding infant, and huge responsibilty. Sometimes the blues resolves themselves. But increasingly, they do not leading to depression and more serious individual and family issues. One out of seven moms and 1 out of 10 dads are affected by postpartum depression and related illnesses. This relates to over 400,000 children who are impacted every year. The stigman that surround mental illness are preventing people from getting help.

MomsBlooms puts the brakes on the downward cycle before it escalates into depression and more serious individual and family issues, by giving mom the confidence to ask for help, and the resources to provide that help when she asks. MomsBlooms believes that not only does it take a villiage to raise a child, but it takes a village to raise up his or her mother as well.

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