Susan G. Komen West Michigan

Engage with the West Michigan Woman Community!

Susan G. Komen West Michigan works to help local women in need as well as to search to find the cures. Up to 75% of the Affiliate's net income goes toward funding grants to local hospitals and community organizations that provide breast health education, breast cancer screening, mammograms, biopsies, and genetic testing for uninsured and underinsured women and men. The remaining net income supports the national Komen Grants Program, which funds groundbreaking breast cancer research, meritorious awards and educational and scientific programs around the world.

  • Komen is a local resource where men and women can call with questions and can be connected with resources to get the breast care they need but may not be able to afford.
  • Komen helps to empower women to be their own advocate and helps to provide them with the resources to do so.
  • In it's 16 year history, Komen West Michigan has provided $3.4 Million in grants to local organizations to provide breast health services to thousands of underserved women in our community.
  • Education on the importance of breast health is a key priority for our grant program. Along with access to screening and treatment support, education was identified as the top priority for minority and low-income populations.
  • Susan G. Komen West Michigan provides grants to local organizations to provide services, including breast health education, to help residents of West Michigan.
  • Komen strives to make a huge impact locally. Visit alivewestmichigan.org to watch local men and women share their stories about how Komen West Michigan impacted, and in some cases saved, their lives.

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