Sara V.

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Sara is my daughter-in-law, one of the sweetest people I have ever known. Sara is the mother of a two-year-old boy and was pregnant for another child, due April 16. Her mother is in charge of the OB nursing department at Holland Hospital and noticed on New Years Day that Sara was not looking well. She recommended strongly that Sara go into the hospital. After being there for five days, her physician deemed that the baby needed to be delivered by caesarean section that day or Sara’s life was in jeopardy. Thus, Evan John came into the world at 1.5 pounds. He is in DeVos Children’s Hospital and will be there considerably longer than they originally expected due to many complications. Sara brings milk to the hospital every day and has not even been able to hold him yet, due to all of the wires and tubes sustaining his life. Sara never complains and is totally engaged in the everyday life in addition to nurturing her two-year-old. She is patient, kind, loving, and a great wife to my son. She is beautiful, inside and out, and I heartily nominate her for the Mother’s Day Makeover. 

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