Being a Good Hostess

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Entertain-HostessWhen you invite friends and family into your home, you want them to have the best time possible. Here are a few rules by which to live when it comes to being the hostess with the most.

  • Take care with your guest list. Invite people who will enjoy one another’s company, of course, but also take note: are you inviting all couples? Only singletons? You want a lively, mixed group for your gathering.
  • Make introductions. If you have chosen guests who don’t know one another, be sure to make introductions. As hostess, you are the common denominator at the party, so be the icebreaker for your friends.
  • Have a Plan B. Without going to too much trouble—or pomp and circumstance—have an alternative available for guests when it comes to food and drink. If you are serving fish, keep a pork chop on reserve for those who prefer turf over surf. Have a fun non-alcoholic drink available for the teetotalers among us. This is a small touch that your guests will appreciate.
  • Regulate. No, you don’t have to be the party police! But do make sure both the volume and temperature of your gathering are pleasant. The crowd and purpose of your soiree will dictate your musical selections and the volume, so trust your instincts on that front. Keep in mind that more bodies equal more heat, so plan accordingly with fans, space heaters, etc.
  • Have Fun! As mentioned above, you are the common denominator among all your guests and they have come to your home for a good time. Don’t squirrel yourself away in the kitchen with your mini-blow torch, perfecting the crème brûlée. Get out there and mingle with your guests.

Written by: Julie Anne has an impressive vocabulary and an extraordinary sense of humor. She has even entertained the idea of doing stand up comedy someday! When she's not writing, you'll probably find Julie Anne at the Farmer's Market or home with her nose in a book. Photo credit: xololounge

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