Upgrade Entertainment Spaces

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Not satisfied when you entertain friends in your backyard? Try these upgrades!

Fire Pit
A fire pit is perfect in a "mom cave" because it's simple…it's a unique and easy way to get an outdoor living space. Who doesn't love a fire pit and making s'mores? It's a great way to catch up with friends, tell stories with the family, or just hang out.

Plants can cast a more intimate feel on backyard spaces says Steve Essex of West Olive's Essex Outdoor Design. "Having structure to (your plants) gives you privacy and blocks certain views and highlights others." Use small conical evergreens like Sky Rocket Juniper or Arborvitae. Ornamental grasses also for an eight- to twelve-inch barrier in areas of the yard or between homes.

Creating a cohesive entertainment space comes from choosing the right plants. Start with the layout of your backyard space and map out a path from the door to the table, chairs, fire pit, grill, etc. Plant around these walkways to create flow.

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