Entertain: Merry and Bright

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When you're snowbound—and there's a good chance of that—you want to make sure your home is cheery and filled with festive touches to keep spirits bright. (Or at least semi-tolerable.) Let these innovative ideas be the pick-me-up you need for holiday entertaining and every day.

Taking a few minutes to add small touches makes it more fun to come home, note the designers at fran&Jack, makers of reclaimed wood home items. But before you head to the store and buy the proverbial fall wreath, work with what you've got.

Maybe you make a wreath out of things you have at home, such as an old picture frame. This is classic fran&Jack advice, as they love to repurpose and work primarily in weather-resistant lumber pallets. Place an old chair by your front porch, or milk cans or crates filled with seasonal foliage to create a vignette. The fran&Jack designers fill them with sticks and branches for the holidays, with little lights strung through them. Even an old ladder could display a few ornaments or a pine bough garland and create a mood. Try stacking a pile of birch wood for a cozy, getting-ready-for-a-fire feeling.

From an old cross-country ski to snowshoes and winter sports gear, you could spray paint items in vibrant colors for an updated, more modern look. Often found at garage sales on the cheap, you could utilize these reminders of winter fun to your advantage. Hanging like a wreath or propped against your front entry, these nostalgic pieces can be a quick, easy ticket to instant style. The fran&Jack team took an old ski and added knobs to it for a family that didn't have a fireplace mantle for stockings.

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 Photo courtesy of Zoe Wilson.


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