'Maranda Where You Live' Expands to Daily Show

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WOOD TV8/WOTV 4 Women are pleased to announce the expansion of Maranda's show, "Maranda Where You Live" from a half hour weekly program to a daily show. Beginning today, "Maranda Where You Live" will air weeknights at 7 p.m. on WOTV 4 Women.

"For over twenty-five years, I've had the honor of educating, informing, and empowering kids and families and I'm thrilled to continue this life mission to a new, expanded format," said Maranda. "Every day we'll give families the chance to play, win, share, learn, and grow together."

The show will stay true to Maranda's brand, focusing on topics that are important to West Michigan families but will allow Maranda to dig deeper into bigger issues and share expert insights from her team of local partners. There will also be many opportunity for viewer interaction and of course great family fun!

With the new daily talk show format, Maranda will debut a new set with a fresh, fun look that will be perfect for interactive and energetic segments as well as more in-depth sit down interviews with guests.

To keep up with the latest happening with "Maranda Where You Live" check out the show online and on Facebook.

Source: WOTV 4 Women

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