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The upcoming new year spurs a host of resolutions, many of which revolve around improved eating habits and reaching a healthier weight. Chefs and dietitians at Saint Mary’s Health Care are providing resources to help West Michigan succeed with its goals.

Take Your Seat at the Dinner Table invites participants to register for a free, online 12-week program. After registering, participants will receive a weekly e-mail that includes:

  • A suggested dinner menu.
  • Healthy recipes. 
  • A grocery shopping guide that includes nutrition and cooking tips.

The program officially starts the week of January 13, with participants receiving their weekly menus and shopping guides the previous Wednesday. 

In return, participants pledge to eat at the dinner table a minimum of four times per week, and limit restaurant and fast foods to once per week.

Take Your Seat at the Dinner Table aims to positively impact participants’ waist lines, health, and quality of family time,” said Sheryl Lozicki, RD, Director of Wellness and Nutrition at Saint Mary’s Health Care. “Research shows that families who dine together have a healthier diet. They eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more milk and less soda, and eat less fried food. They have improved family communication and problem solving skills, and dinnertime is a great time to develop table manners and social skills.”

Open to anyone in the community, Take Your Seat at the Dinner Table registration is available by visiting www.mercyhealthsaintmarys.com/dinnerpledge.

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Source: Saint Mary’s Health Care

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