The Perks of Being a Wallflower … Designer

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Being in the wedding industry, no two days are the same.

People often ask us, “don’t you guys just do flowers? I mean, flowers are just flowers, right? Don’t you get bored?”

Well the short answer is no; the long answer is absolutely not!

What I have realized about working in the wedding business is the fact that everything—no matter how small it is—counts. It is the small additions, minor touch-ups, slight adjustments that add up to make a space look perfect. This means not only paying close attention to details, but also keeping the bigger picture in mind. It starts with some inspiration that forms into an idea, developed into a plan, which leads into designing the floral pieces, and last but not least—seeing it all come together. And yes, it feels absolutely thrilling to see an ordinary venue being transformed into something extraordinary.

What means most to us in the floral industry is how flowers affect people. The look on a bride’s face when she sees her bouquet or the excitement of a mother over beautiful centerpieces is the most rewarding thing about the job. It almost seems like it isn’t a job anymore!

It’s funny and amazing at the same time how something as simple as flowers can bring out such emotion and sentiment from people. The thing about weddings is that no two weddings are identical. Each wedding is different because each couple is unique, and we see their personalities through various aspects of their wedding—one being their floral choices. This is why we give special attention to each and every wedding, as we know how much it means to our clients.

So, to answer the question initially posed: how could we ever get bored with a job that allows us to be a part of someone’s special day?

In the grand scheme of things, being in the wedding and floral industry is synonymous with being in the people industry—and we absolutely love it. Yes, it can sometimes be a challenge to figure out a floral plan that is just right. It’s certainly hard work to set up and tear down an event. But the reaction and appreciation we get for doing what we love? It’s priceless.

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Courtesy of Jen Lyn Sin, Event Planner and Marketing Manager for Posh Petals Floral.


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