Run As You Are

Engage with the West Michigan Woman Community!

Have you considered running for office? Maybe in a few years or decades? Don't wait. There's no definition outlining who can aspire to leadership—and most women today already have the experience, talent and networks to achieve political ambition.

After the last federal election, more than 7,000 women signed up to learn how to run for office with VoteRunLead, a non-profit training powerhouse that supports the aspirations of women who want to transform our country and democracy through their participation as leaders.

"Women continue to be underrepresented at the local, state and federal levels where critical policy decisions are made every day," said Mayor Rosalynn Bliss of Grand Rapids. "Our shared and varied experiences bring a valuable voice to the table and are important to ensuring that government reflects the community in which it serves."

VoteRunLead leverages technology and training programs to accelerate the number of women in civic and political leadership. Their approach is practical, actionable, nonpartisan and individualized—and they're offering a training session in Grand Rapids.

Run As You Are is an in-person training with Shannon Garrett, co-founder and board chair of VoteRunLead. You'll learn how to articulate your experience as expertise, demystify the campaign trail, identify roles for a women's "squad," expand local networks and outline a path to political leadership.

"It's important for women to consider running for office because they make up at least half of the population," said Mayor Nancy DeBoer of Holland. "The best solutions often come from varied perspective and input."

Run As You Are is being held at The Source on June 3, 2017, from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Visit www.voterunlead.org to learn more or register.

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