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For a few months I spoke about buying a new car. When the idea first struck I experienced excitement; yet, I spent zero time actually shopping. I justified and rationalized keeping my current car and even repairing the exhaust system. Until, suddenly, it died. The mechanic informed me my starter belt was busted and the repairs would total approximately $500 dollars. This game-changing news resulted in the purchase of an automobile within twenty-four hours.  

After two months of procrastinating a single event, an emergency, threatening my quality of life, my ability to earn money, and honor obligations yielded more action in a solitary day. 

I am not alone. 

In your business, and in life, do you experience wanting a result and then fail to take the essential actions to produce it? Maybe leaving the office by a certain time? Maybe spending time working on prospecting? Maybe updating your resume thus landing your dream job? 

Why is it that after an inspired idea we often experience a period, or career, of inaction? How many times have you been inspired about something then the next day it seems like drudgery?  


Consider that you are not really committed to it. Consider you are, in fact, full of it.

Recently, while working with a client, creating a plan to exponentially increase his income, I asked a few questions. He evasively met each question with a non-answer referencing past sales achievements. After a few minutes, I said you are full of it. You are not interested in doing the work to raise your sales so just say so.  

What is the basis of this conclusion?  

If he was interested in doing the work he would be doing the work. He would engage in the thinking and planning to achieve the numbers he says he wants. Just like I was full of it about wanting a new car; however, when faced with no other option I made it happen quickly.

Yes, it is that simple. 

Examine every area where you say you are committed to one thing but actions are not aligned action and consider that you are full of it. You do not really want to leave the office at a decent hour. You do not really want to grow your client base. You do not really want a new job. Or, perhaps, you want it but you want something else more.

The fact is, whatever you really intend, you will make happen. Click here to watch a video with more information.

So what are your options?

One, do it.

Two, create an alternative manner to yield the result. Find a way to bring joy to cold calls. To enjoy the insipidness of data input.

Three, simply stop saying you want it and be done.

What will set you free isn’t acknowledging just THAT you are full of it, it’s how many amazing way you are, undeniably, full of it. Liberate yourself to identify, and create, what you really want.

Written by: Alyssa Dyksterhouse, a West Michigan native is business coach with The Envy Generator specializing in small businesses and entrepreneurs. She has more than a decade of experience in coaching and program delivery.  She is active in the community and has written for The Muskegon Chronicle.

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