7 Habits of Business Success

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A successful business includes the perfect combination of profit flow (up, not down), respect from other industry leaders, satisfied customers, and at the end of the day, a balanced life. But how does one get there? Forming positive habits in your everyday life will lead to fulfilled business goals. Follow these suggestions to get your company where you would like it to be:

  1. Network. Your business will grow when you grow your circle of friends and acquaintances. Make it a habit to build relationships with those you see doing themselves what you would like to do within your company or life. Surround yourself with smart, successful people, and you will learn from the best.
  2. Focus on the customer. Being loyal to your customers means proving over time that you will provide them with what they need. If you don't know the answer to a question they have, find it. If you ignore a customer's requests or needs, they will find someone else.
  3. Evaluate yourself. Knowing your strengths and capitalizing on them will help you to be the best in the industry. Knowing your weaknesses can perhaps be more valuable because if you are constantly improving upon your weaknesses, they will slowly begin to fall into the strengths category.
  4. Be willing to change. You can schedule and plan all you want, but change is inevitable, sometimes at the last minute. Train yourself to adapt quickly to unexpected situations, and make abrupt changes work in your favor.
  5. Look for the silver lining. You can be a glass half empty type of business, but where's the fun in that? By looking situations in the eye and deciding how they will best work for your company, you can take advantage of opportunities you may have not even known existed.
  6. Efficiency! Always try to find the most efficient way for your company to be productive. Without cutting corners, cut out steps. Time is money. Encourage your employees to do the same.
  7. Balance. You may not have time for daily yoga, but you can find a balance between your life and your work. Prioritize your days, and stick to a schedule that allows you to spend the most time doing what is most important in your life.

Training yourself on these positive habits will make you more successful in business, and happier with your life in general. When you exude happiness and confidence, your employees, clients, and family will feel the same.

Source: Darrell Zahorsky

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