Swim Dress Here I Come!

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Never! How many “nevers” have come back to bite you, to prove you wrong? They seem to almost seek you out! I have had several—Birkenstock sandals, Ugg boots, Facebook, giving birth without drugs, and getting my nose pierced.

As I sat at the beach in my twenties and watched the middle-aged moms sunbathing, I recall having a conversation with myself that I would never wear a swim dress or swim skirt. I felt like it was waving the white flag of surrender, of ultimately admitting your body wasn’t what it used to be and never would be. However, on the other end of the spectrum, I knew that I had to stick within my limits as I looked at other middle-aged moms trying to pull of string bikinis when their body obviously didn’t agree.

Four children, gravity, and age started hitting my body around the ripe ole’ age of thirty-five. When I started to work at Serendipity, my boss, Kasie bought an adorable swim dress and raved about it. I found myself re-evaluating my stance on swim dresses, slowly. Maybe a swim dress wasn’t a life sentence of “fuddy-duddy.” Hey, if Kasie can do it, why can’t I? So I made the plunge, ordered it online, and never looked back.

Maybe it’s defeat. Maybe it’s a change in fashion. Maybe it’s the wisdom of my years. Maybe we just need to come to grips with ourselves. Whatever it is, you will find me wearing my swim dress and loving every minute of it! (Can any Seinfeld lovers name that quote?)

So ... if you are feeling like you want to find a sophisticated swim dress, I recommend the designer Carmen Marc Valvo. Brasmyth also has some great designs that are far from fuddy-duddy! These may be on the expensive side, but they will last you for several years. It's worth the investment to be comfortable in your swimsuit! At least, that's my opinion.

 Written by: Stephanie TeSlaa is the operations director for Serendipity Media.

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