Gunning for a Date Night

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From the first moment I started dating my now husband, I knew the outdoorsman in him was as much a part of him as his DNA. He hunts, fishes, and loves everything gun-related. Today, our garage is filled with caribou, elk, and mounts of all of the deer he’s ever shot. We both firmly believe we need to be a part of each other’s interests. So when a unique date night experience arose, shooting guns was a natural fit for us.

I have to be honest: I was really nervous about getting behind a pistol. I’d shot them only once in my life. But the reality is, we have guns in the house. And it’s important that in the event of an emergency, we both know how to use them.  

I went into our experience with the thought of this being a cool date. I walked out of it feeling so many valuable things. I truly feel more educated about the guns we have in our home. They’ve always been there, but I now feel confident that I’d know what to do in the event of an emergency. I’m not sure I could have said that prior to our date.  

I know how to hold the gun with control. Thanks to the tips from my husband and Cat at Silver Bullet Firearms, I feel much more in control of the piece in my hand. Just by changing my grip, my confidence increased and my aim improved.

Most important, I learned that my husband’s passion is so much more than fun; it’s about safety. The knowledge he possesses and the attention to detail that’s involved is quite impressive. We have young children, and I know my husband is passionate about sharing his love of hunting with them. Now, I feel confident they will be raised with a love of the outdoors in a safe environment.

I walked away from the experience with a desire to try shooting again. I don’t suspect I’ll be that person who carries a gun, but knowing how to handle the guns we have is critical. I foresee future dates where Jason and I practice together. And I even chatted with some of the girls in the office about doing a class to learn more together. If you’re interested in joining, let me know.  

Written by: Kasie Smith is the president and publisher of West Michigan Woman.


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