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It's that time of year again! The weather is getting cooler, the girls are getting back into their school routine, and Sunday afternoons are filled with football! In case you need reminding, I am the only male living in my house—and, coincidently, the only one whose mood is contingent on how the Bears are playing. My girls are now resigned to the fact that they lose me one afternoon a week until February rolls around. To them, Super Bowl Sunday brings a whole new view on excitement. The year-end football party marks the beginning of Sunday afternoon attention from their dad, and grandpa, and uncle, too!

Several years ago, we were headed to a Super Bowl party at our friend's house. To be completely honest, I don't recall who was playing, the outcome, or how the season had gone for me (shows how much it really matters, huh). I do remember this: My wife, Laura, and daughter Lyz, were talking about our plans for the evening. Laura was explaining to Lyz that this is a big deal even if the Bears are not playing, because it is the championship. I am sure she also explained that the last game had finally arrived, because Lyz's next question was "Does that mean Dad will play with us on Sundays again?" That caught me by surprise. Am I that bad? (All the women in my house yell an emphatic "YES"!) It bothered me for a couple of months, and I vowed I would be different the following seasons. Then September came...

Three more Fantasy Football Leagues I couldn't say no to. My reason being I could manage the team after they went to bed. The Bears were gearing up for another year of optimism, and almost expected disappointment. Each season comes and goes, and, needless to say, I have not gotten much better—well, not in the way Laura had hoped. But my Fantasy teams do great!

However, the girls have learned that while I yell and get all excited Sunday afternoons, they are still my priority. They have also learned the following:

  1. While called Fantasy Football, it is very much a reality.
  2. Coming out of their room wearing the orange and blue gets them just about whatever they want on Sundays.
  3. Don't go into the living room after a key turnover.
  4. Don't ask for anything after a loss.
  5. Comfort snuggles make everything OK. 

Several years have passed since Lyz's question, and she is actually growing to appreciate football. She watched the whole game with me Sunday and enjoyed it. Kenzie tries to hop on the computer and play games in between my Fantasy updates—football is annoying to her. Maddy is game for anything, as long as their is something socially going on as a result. Savy and Katie are too young to know the difference yet. Savy still lets me put her in the Urlacher Jersey. Laura puts up with it, and is excited for Super Bowl Sunday to arrive.


Written by: Tim Compton is an account executive for Serendipity Media, LLC. He's always surrounded by women—at home he lives with his wife and five daughters, and at work, he's the only man in an office of fourteen women. Read more blogs by Tim here.

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