A Single Mom’s Summer Vacation

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Does the onset of June have you humming Alice Cooper? (“School’s out for the summer!”) I know at my house there is one excited kid, bouncing around in anticipation of warm days and no homework. But even though she’s off the hook for a couple of months, this single mom still has a full-time job—and that means putting plans in place for child care and keeping her entertained during the day, all while balancing my everyday tasks. 

Here are some fun ideas that have worked for us in past summers.

Day Camps
Keep your kids entertained and active at any number of area day camps in the area. My daughter has done camps involving activities like theater, gymnastics, soccer, nature centers, and, this year, horse camp! What I like most about day camps verses overnight camps is that she stays busy during the day, but then I get to enjoy being with her at night! 

Grandparents or Friends
I know my parents are always itching for a day with my daughter, and summer vacation is the perfect time for them to get their fix! In addition, setting up days that she can spend with her friends is great fun for the kids—and a break for parents while my kid entertains theirs. 

Surprise Day at Daycare 
At my daughter's daycare, each child gets a turn to choose a day's worth of activities. When it's my daughter's turn, she usually loads up on arts and crafts supplies to share with the other kids. It's a special day that each child creates—and again, it gives the child care provider a little break from coming up with a summer's worth of ideas. 

Summer Hours
Many of my colleagues have children, so my boss extends special summer hours. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, we get every other Friday off. It's such an added bonus to get that extra day with my daughter a couple of times a month. See if your boss will arrange something similar! 

Even though I spend the days of my daughter’s summer vacation the same way I do while she is in school, making the most of the daylight hours of evening with her is essential. Share some of the activities your family enjoys during summer vacation here! 

Written by: Mona Buskirk Photo: morgueFile

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