How to Spring Clean During Quarantine

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I'll have to admit that when the stay-at-home orders were extended, I suddenly felt boredom settling in. Like many others, I've started a new hobby, finished a puzzle, baked banana bread (using this delicious recipe from our friends at Egypt Valley Country Club) and watched every show suggested by the West Michigan Woman team.

With daffodils and tulips in full bloom, I realized I had one more thing on my list to accomplish: Spring cleaning. As dreadful as it sounds, follow these steps for a productive—and somewhat entertaining—spring clean.


1. Get out your drink of choice.


More than ever, we could all use a drink—especially if you're spring cleaning. If you don't have access to your drink of choice and want to avoid going to the store, there are many breweries and liquor stores that are willing to deliver straight to your door.


2. Put on some music.


Turn the music up as loud as you can and dance like no one is watching. This is vital to your productivity.


3. Marie Kondo the sh** out of your home.


It's likely you've heard of Marie Kondo's well-known saying, "Does it spark joy?" While this is certainly an easy way to clear your home of clutter, I also like to ask myself, "Have I used this in the past six months?" Once you've gathered all the clutter, determine what you would like to throw away and what can be donated.


4. Hold onto your donations.


Several weeks ago, Goodwill shared a photo of donations piled outside their doors. Although this goes against everything Marie Kondo believes in, it's important to hold onto your donations for the future until they can be accepted again.


5. Keep these nonprofit organizations in mind.


There are several nonprofits that will need your donations in the near future. Once Goodwill opens again, they will need donations to continue their vital mission of providing training and jobs to those in need. Alternatives in Motion, a local nonprofit that refurbishes gently used mobility equipment to distribute to those in need, will need crutches or wheelchairs that have been collecting dust in your basement. If you have unused brown paper sacks laying around your kitchen, encourage your kids to decorate them and donate them to Kid's Food Basket.


6. Celebrate your accomplishments.


This is the moment where you could open another bottle of wine, mix yourself another cocktail or refill your iced coffee. During these uncertain times, it's important to celebrate your victories and accomplishments, no matter how big or small they may be.

Written by Elena Winger, Social Media and Audience Development Coordinator for West Michigan Woman.

Photo courtesy of Elena Winger.


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