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A couple nights before graduation, I had a dream I showed up not in cap and gown but in a towel to receive my diploma. I'm going to interpret the dream as jitters and not a forecast an unprepared future, especially because I am preparedI already have a full-time job!

On Saturday I graduated from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelors in Business Administration. My major was Business Economics which was coupled with a minor in City & Regional Planning. I've held a couple jobs since high school, including a seven-year stint as a barista and cafe worker at Island Bean Coffee Company in my hometown, Harbor Springs. In January, I left a marketing internship to work part-time at Serendipity Media where I'm learning the ropes as the circulation coordinator.

I feel fortunate about entering the work force full time days after graduation. So many of my friends will return to their summer jobs again this year, and while there's nothing wrong with spending a summer on the golf course, I'm looking forward to the structure and stability of full time employment. I'm also looking forward to more free time. All through college, I juggled two jobs and classes. When 5 o'clock hits tonight, I just get to go home! Sunday's especially are going to be my favorites since I'll be able to relax and surround myself with crafts and activities instead of preparing for the tornado of homework, exams, class, and work that usually awaited me for the week.

My advice to college students who've yet to graduate is start looking for jobs and start looking for them early. The best thing to do is network, network, NETWORK. Just start talking to people.

Devyn Quick is the circulation coordinator for West Michigan Woman magazine. She is originally from Harbor Springs, Michigan, and she recently graduated from GVSU. Devyn enjoys painting, crafts, reading, and exploring the great outdoors.

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