9 Things My Mom Was Absolutely Right About

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Admit it: During your years of teenage angst—if you were lucky enough to have your mother in your life—you thought, "She just doesn't get it."

Well, I'm here to tell you she did. And she does.

This Mother's Day, give your Mom the ultimate gift: the chance for her to say, "I told you so!"

(Just kidding. She'd never say that.)

1. "One day, you'll understand."
Usually met with a massive eye roll when told your curfew was about three hours earlier than your ambitious teenage self wanted it to be at the time, your mom simply wanted you to be safe and to stay out of trouble. These days, you listen to enough true crime podcasts to know she was right—and to stay out the woods.


2. "Don't wait!"
Though I still have trouble following through with this one, procrastinating is a habit Mom tried to nix right from the start, and for good reason. As an adult, you're fully aware of the stress you'll save yourself by taking care of that one phone call or sending that one email now, rather than later.


3. "Life is unfair."
Oh, is it ever! Though your mother may have made countless sacrifices for you over the years, she knows that eventually, you'll learn that life occasionally decides to deal you a really shitty hand—and there really isn't anything you can do except learn from it and move forward.


4. "Track your finances."
Ever notice how your bank account seems to get smaller and smaller when you spend without abandon? Taking Mom's advice on tracking your expenses not only keeps you from landing in hot financial water but also allows for savings—for things like buying a home or starting a family.


5. "Take your makeup off before bed."
This one seems less important than some other lessons here, but you definitely understood after that one time you plopped into bed with your mascara still on after a night of margaritas with your pals and woke up with eyes as red as the crowd at a Red Wings game. Eye drops were very needed.


6. "Stay positive!"
Listen, I enjoy a good wallowing just as much as the next former emo kid from the early '00s. But hear me out: Mom is right. Out of all the things in life we have no control over (that will inevitably affect us in one way or another), a positive attitude is always something we can strive for. And it will make a difference.


7. "It's going to be all right."
Through even your lowest moments, when it seems like nothing makes much sense, Mom always knew you'd come out just fine on the other side. She believed in you possibly before you even believed in yourself. Through rough breakups, the search for your dream job and more, Mom never doubted how strong you were and are. Hint: You get it from her.


8. "Family is everything."
Most of us have gone through the "I'm too cool for my family" phase, where everything they did was unbearably embarrassing. But today—possibly across multiple state and city lines—you'll find yourself looking for any way to spend more time with them. They get you. And when the world lets you down, you know where to turn.


9. "Never end a conversation without saying 'I love you.'"
This one never gets old. It's important to never take a single moment for granted and to share that love with those we care about every single day, because we never know when our loved ones will leave us.

If you're lucky enough to have your mother or a mother figure in your life, share with them how much they mean to you—now. If you're one of the many Badass Moms out there doing their best—thank you. You're the best.


What's the best lesson you've learned from your mother?

Written by Sarah Suydam, Staff Writer for West Michigan Woman.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Suydam.


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