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Every six months I try to move the seasonal clothes out of my closet, pack up what needs to be retired, and identify what I NEED for the new season.
We moved about a year and a half ago and what I didn’t realize was how much I didn’t purge. So, last Saturday I spent the dreaded time going through my closet trying on everything. Yes, even those clothes I’ve been hoping to fit into. Here are a few things I learned along the way:

  • Take the time to try everything on – I can look at something and say I like it, but lets face it, it’s not until you get it on can you be honest about whether you’ll actually wear it.
  • If you’re a little uncomfortable in it, get rid of it. You will not wear it, so donate it and let someone else enjoy it.
  • If you haven’t worn it in a year, purge it! My team often laughs at me when I wear something I haven’t worn in awhile. My response? ”I’m wearing it once, so I don’t have to retire it.” (It’s okay to manipulate the system now and then.)
  • Retire what doesn’t fit – I have been on a diet since I was 15 years old. And, if I ever really lose those ten pounds I keep trying to lose, I’m not going back into my closet—I’m going shopping. So, don’t keep the clutter. Reward yourself if you ever get there.

After spending an entire afternoon doing this, I found things in my closet I had forgotten about and I really loved. I realized what I needed, yes needed. And I also realized I DO NOT EVER need to buy another pair of capri pants.

Written by: Kasie Smith is a Michigan native. She was born in Traverse City, and now lives in Grand Rapids. She enjoys golfing, spending time in the sun, and watching romantic comedies with her very own leading men, her husband Jason and her twin boys.

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