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Patrick Stoffel, owner of Fox Naturals, has a new brick and mortar store—and his beauty products are the talk of the town. When the style bloggers are on your side, that's a good thing.

Along with a plethora of skin, hair and body care products, Fox Naturals has a slew of items that should make the cut for your ever-expanding beach bag list.

We've compiled a sampling of summer-inspired products from Fox Naturals—a company that's committed to helping enrich their customers' lives naturally and sustainably. From a newly released Coconut Milk lotion that smells like summer to hydrating Rosewater Spray and a possible sunscreen in the works, Stoffel has your summer beauty playlist down.

Exfoliating is rather important during summer, when you're showing off so much skin. It's an overlooked and underused part of a daily skin care routine, removing dead skin and leaving you with a fresh, youthful look.

Fight back against sun damage and harsh pool water! This product is super-enriched in Meadowfoam Seed Oil and is highly reparative on hair, enhancing your natural wave for that tousled, beach babe look. It's basically summer in a bottle with notes of lemon, lime, cucumber, tuberose, coconut and musk.

Aluminum-, paraben-, sulfate- and artificial-fragrance free, this deodorant is just what you're looking for in a unisex, fresh and floral scent. Try the Lavender Patchouli and Citrus, Cedar and Sage options. Stay dry with protection that's packed with essential oils that last all day.

Live outside and love it with this product that's a blend of seven essential oils that fight off mosquitoes, ticks and fleas. It's so natural you can use it on pets as well. If you plan on camping, plan on bringing this.

Look like the mermaid on duty with this sea salt spray—a unique combination of organic sea salt and water for the perfect day-at-the-beach look. This spray adds quick texture or added body to hair, without drying or effecting color treatments.

Finally, don't forget the Lavender and Chamomile lip balm to prevent sunburned, chapped lips.

OK. And one more easy, all-natural tip from Stoffel:

"Something that I do that's tried and true is using tea on sunburns. If you're sunburnt, make a cup of tea, let it cool down, and take a washcloth and put the tea on the skin. It will help with redness and inflammation—especially green tea. We've all been at a cabin or lake house, and when you've got a sunburn you can't always go to the drugstore. Using that cold tea water on your skin works and is refreshing."

Learn more at Fox Naturals.

Written by Missy Black, a footwear fanatic, style child and contributing writer for West Michigan Woman.

Photo courtesy of Leigh Ann Cobb. 

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